Friday, November 12th, 2010 6:00 PM


"Christine is an extraordinary jazz vocalist, with great pitch, time & phrasing, advanced improvisational skills, and most importantly, has her own honest and unique voice. She is the kind of singer whom can truly touch listeners, because it is evident that she believes in every note and lyric that she sings." — Gretchen Parlato
I especially love your singing when its low - sort of your secret weapon. 
- Ben Folds
"An excellent singer with emotional personality and Christine's voice gets this across. This girl is so good, she is really special!" — Robin Frederick
 "A rich powerful, light voice, fluid, and melodic; Lost & Found is rich in vocals, really well done, and worthy of your listening. Christine is a super strong vocalist and the writing & music is superb from John Morell." ...more
— The Morning Coffee Mix Radio
"This is one amazing singer! Full of fire and emotion." — Freight & Salvage
"It was in this setting that Tavares showed her greatest strength, when she truly used her voice as an instrument,sometimes harmonizing with the saxophone, other times simply exploring the intricacies of such a tune as Coltrane's Moment's Notice." — Jazz Now Magazine